Advanced Therapeutics Pain Relief and Wellness Center Inc. is a personalized facility that offers Charlotte area residents comprehensive pain relief management and massage, targeted fitness programs, intimate group classes, a variety of yoga classes, and complete health and wellness resources that provide a community of support to each unique individual.

In our Yoga Warrior Studio we offer: Iyengar Yoga : Vinyasa Yoga : Ashtanga Yoga : Kripalu Yoga : Slow Flow Yoga : Yoga for Runners : Hatha Yoga : Power Yoga : Yoga Dance : Medical Qigong : Reiki : Core & Balance Yoga : Yin Yang Yoga : Yoga Warrior for Athletes : PreNatal Yoga : Gentle Yoga Flow : Yoga Workout : Beginner’s Yoga : and Figure Drawing Group and Consignment Art Gallery

980-477-0588  :  801 Baxter Street, Suite 410  :  Charlotte, NC 28202