Scalp, Head & Neck “Match & Mirror” Massage
Tuesday, October 10, 9:00am-6:00p

8 CEs  $150

Students will receive instruction on how to provide optimal support with the match and mirror technique during scalp, head, neck and shoulder massage. Students will learn how to apply a matching shape of full-body support behind their hand application to clients on the table. Therapists will demonstrate how to “come into roundness.” Students will facilitate light, moderate, to deeper fascia work where indicated; as their hands become like a hammock of support; while learning modalities for scalp, head, neck, and shoulders. Therapists will compare their body’s mirroring with the ratio of client letting go with ease.

AT+YW_AC59FF_providerTo register for classes, please go to:  continuing eduction, click Eventbrite “for tickets”.  Must be pre-registered, limited seating.



Qigong Breathing & Healing Applications

Wednesday, October 25, 9:00am-6:00pm
8 CEs  $135


Students will learn healing and breathing applications in a standing movement-meditation posture of this Ancient Chinese Healing Art Form. The 9 postures in Level One Form promote oxygen increase, greater focus, increased bodily awareness, decrease of stress, and accelerated healing — on both emotional and physical levels. Each therapist will describe how and where they feel their Qi; explain how to utilize diaphragmatic breathing; and demonstrate the simple, yet precise principles in their Qigong practice.

To register for classes, please go to: continuing eduction, click eventbrite “for tickets”. Must be pre-registered, limited seating.

About the facilitator:

Marielle Friedman has been a practicing massage therapist for over 25 years, specializing in providing her signature “Gentle Deep-Tissue”, allowing clients to experience deep therapeutic fascia work on the table, while enjoying their session. Clients also rave about their responses to reflexology during their sessions. Marielle is also 2nd Degree Reiki trained and Certified Level 1 Qigong Instructor, trained through the Supreme Science Qigong Center.

Ms. Friedman is a Nationally Certified Instructor, recognized as an “Approved Provider” #897, by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB); and teaches a variety of different classes to massage therapists, that meet Continuing Education (CE’s) requirements for renewing their massage therapy licenses.

Aaron Less, PhD presents

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Free Introductory session: Wednesday, July 12

Wednesdays, July 19 – Sept. 6, 6:30pm–9pm

Cost: Flexible pricing based on ability to pay (click here for more details) 

The Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) class is an 8-week program that teaches mindfulness as a means of learning greater balance and effective strategies for an improved sense of wellness in one’s own life.  This course was originally developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D. at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and is taught throughout the world.

Research shows that most people who complete this type of course find:

  • An increased ability to relax
  • Greater energy and enthusiasm for life
  • Improved ability to cope with both short and long-term stressful situations
  • Reductions in pain levels and/or an enhanced ability to cope with persistent pain

MBSR is designed for anyone wishing to gain greater levels of health or general well-being.*
People choose a MBSR class for many reasons, such as:

  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep problems
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety or depressionGI problems
  • High blood pressure or heart diseaseCancer
  • Chronic Illness or pain
  • Simply to improve well-being

Students will gain in-depth instruction and practice in mindfulness through:

  • Guided instruction in meditation practices (sitting meditation, walking meditation, body scan)
  • Gentle yoga, adaptable for any physical condition
  • Supportive class discussion
  • Inquiry exercises to enhance awareness in everyday life
  • Daily home practices with recorded meditations for home use

To secure your spot at the free Introductory Session, please register at

*MBSR is intended as a complement to, not a substitute for, regular physical and mental health care.

About the facilitator:
Aaron Less teaches Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction with Charlotte Center for Mindfulness. His interest in mindfulness began when he first participated in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction while in graduate school. Years later, he rediscovered the depth and transformational power of this practice, and since then it has become a core element of his life. The personal benefits he has experienced from practicing mindfulness inspired him to engage in MBSR teacher training through the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. Aaron is a Licensed Psychologist in North Carolina. He has facilitated mindfulness groups in corporate and community settings and has provided mindfulness-based psychotherapy to clients. Currently, in addition to teaching MBSR, Aaron works in the field of Leadership Development. Aaron Less can be reached at:

Yoga CEU hours:

Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Alliance 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification

The Yoga 200 hour teacher training program consists of making a whole teacher … not just a showcase teacher

We emphasize teaching “who is in front of you” and how to accommodate the students needs. We include: Asana | History | Anatomy | Philosophy | Sequencing | Modifications | Business of Yoga | Karma work. It is a comprehensive training that leaves our trainees feeling confident to teach in a studio

February 1-28, 2018
5:15a-8:30a each weekday
1:30p-6:30p weekends

This is a one month commitment, seven days a week.

Available: 6 months interest free payment plan through PayPal (soft credit check, 9 out of 10 are approved)


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