Higher Consciousness & Touchstone Guided Meditation

Decompression Session Meetup Every Wednesday

at Advanced Therapeutics and Yoga Warrior Studio


This is a group of beings who intentionally connect in a safe space of exploring wellbeing. We are a community of like hearted individuals exploring communication, holistic modalities and real live social networking.

At this week’s Decompression Session we will be guided into a meditation (Denise Land) with sound (Focused Alignment) that focuses on connecting with our higher mind(s). We will use this space of connecting to focus our intention into our personal touchstone talismans object. The Higher mind: The divine brain, the subtle “organ” through which truth and understanding are immediately and spontaneously known (in the absence of dependence or focus upon the lower or cogitating mind). The headquarters, source, refuge of the heart.

7:00p–9:00p      See Meetup for more info

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