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Jeffrey Widmann LMBT, CPT, E-RYT #1757, owner and operator, is a Medical Massage Therapist, Registered and Certified Yoga Instructor and Personal Fitness Professional. He has been a Massage Therapist / Bodyworker since 1994.

After graduating from a Florida Neuromuscular Massage Therapy Program, training under outstanding teachers in the field of Massage Therapy and Bodywork; Neuromuscular Massage Therapy (NMT) and Segmental Structural Bodywork; Cranio-sacral Therapy taught by instructors from the Upledger Institute; Physio-spiritual etheric bodywork and spinal attunement, a David Jarrell technique and Dynamic Structural Learning or edgework, a David Scott Lynn technique in 1994, he relocated his family to Charlotte to assist teachers at a Neuromuscular Massage Therapy School.

After leaving the school he focused on building his own practice and also worked with a Neurologist and Neuropsychologist at a Traumatic Brain Injury Center. At the Center he primarily treated patients with Migraine headaches, neck pain, back pain and limited range of motion. He truly has seen how highly effective Massage Therapy can be, even on a disability level.

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