Dynamic One-day Enneagram Workshop:

Saturday March 12, 2016
9:00 am  – 4:00 pm


Life Beyond the Familiar:

Our usual life-strategies are assets that serve us in many ways; however, breakthroughs often occur when we harness energies that are fresh and unfamiliar, that call us into a fuller sense of awareness and intentionality. For this workshop, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the Enneagram, particularly the general strengths and challenges of the types. For relevant reading, we recommend The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Don Riso and Russ Hudson; however, there are certainly other texts as well as online sources from which you can glean this information. It will be helpful, in addition, if you have a sense of the type to which you most identify. Mary and I are available for typing interviews.

You can also take the RHETI Test online: CLICK HERE

Join Mary Powers and John Amen for a fun and dynamic one-day workshop, Life Beyond the Familiar, and explore how the Enneagram uncovers our conditioning and reactivity, giving us greater access to inspiration, creativity, and freedom. Through exercises, journaling, and group discussions, we’ll transform the way we look at ourselves and what we consider possible for our lives.

Please feel free to email us with questions. Scholarships are available.

Certified Enneagram Instructors: John Amen and Mary Powers

One Hour Wellness Workshop:

Healthy Happy Living:

This was a great success! Stay tuned for our next dates!


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About the facilitator: Toni Branner, MS

ToniBSPEAKER, CONSULTANT: Exercise Physiologist, Professional Speaker, Wellness Consultant
DIRECTOR OF SEMINARS of Care & Feeding Partners: A network of doctors, dieticians, personal trainers and nutrition experts who work together to educate our community. They provide health-related seminars and workshops for Children, Adults & Seniors for over 27 years as well as personal consults.
DIRECTOR OF WELLNESS & PREVENTION: United States Performance Center, Charlotte, NC
DIRECTOR JUICE PLUS: National Marketing Director/ Research Specialist: NSA/Juice Plus
FITNESS DIRECTOR: Mecklenburg Aquatic Club, Charlotte, North Carolina
FORMER PROFESSOR UNC-Chapel Hill Department of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine

Yoga Teacher Training:


Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Alliance 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification

The Yoga 200 hour teacher training program consists of making a whole teacher … not just a showcase teacher

We emphasize teaching “who is in front of you” and how to accommodate the students needs. We include: Asana | History | Anatomy | Philosophy | Sequencing | Modifications | Business of Yoga | Karma work. It is a comprehensive training that leaves our trainees feeling confident to teach in a studio

Saturday, July 1 – Sunday, July 31, 2016
5:15a-8:30a each weekday
1:30p-6:30p weekends

This is a one month commitment, seven days a week.

Available: 6 months interest free payment plan through PayPal (soft credit check, 9 out of 10 are approved)

About the facilitator: Elizabeth Hoffmann, E-RYT 200 & E-RYT 500
Lizzy Hoffmann was taught Yoga by her mother  as a child in the  late 60’s -70’s. Her mom followed gurus such as Muktananda, Satchitananda, and Roy Eugene Davis. Yoga was a part of her life at a very young age.

Lizzy took up dancing and became a professional dancer and by the time she was graduated from High School she was working with Dance companies across the States. She received her Degree in Dance/Kinesiology and Choreography in 1986. The joy of movement and the miracle of life itself is a constant inspiration for her. She then went head first into the Sport /Fitness world . Became a presenter for major fitness Companies and presented for them around the world. Lizzy came back full circle to Yoga as she was introduced to her teacher, Paul Toliuszis, former owner of the Miami’s Yoga Shala in Miami, FL. She earned her 200hrs RYT with Paul and since then has taught thousands of yoga classes and created her own Yoga School.

Lizzy is certified on the 1,000 hour level and also holds an E-RYT 200 & E-RYT 500 status with the Yoga Alliance. She studied 2 years under the authority in Yoga, the late Georg Feuerstein and has obtained the 800 hour yoga certification through him. She has a vast knowledge of Yoga History, Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Literature, Asana sequencing, Yin Yoga, Pregancy Yoga, the modified primary series and so much more.

Lizzy practices Ahimsa in her daily life and consciously eats vegan.

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